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India - Bangalore, 09-10/09/2017

The Department of Economics of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (JAIN University), in collaboration with Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC) organize the International Conference on:

Dimensions of Poverty and Happiness in Economy

ECC BangaloreSeptember 9-10,2017
Ecumenical Christian Centre,
Whitefield, Bangalore (India)

Keynote Address: Prof.  Dr.  Luigino  Bruni,  Author  of  Happiness  and Quality  of  Life,  Handbook  on  the  Economics  of  Reciprocity and Social Enterprise; The Wound and the Blessing: Economy Relationships and Happiness.
Theme of the Conference: Economists search for models of long-run economic growth and short-term fluctuations that occur in the economy.

The focus is to drive the economy from disequilibria to sustainable equilibria optimizing the policy decisions  choosing  from alternatives given the input and technology.  Real  GDP  growth  rate  is  sine-qua-non  to alleviate  poverty  and  eradicate  unemployment. However, stories of crony capitalism have led to jobless growth with joyless life. Development economists have moved  from growth  strategies  to  multiple  dimensions  of  leisure, sustainability,  environment  and  more  inclusion.

While economic  growth is essential,  ethics, equity and  building capabilities for performance and governance are conditions to attain gross  national happiness. Increasing  the  national product  is  significant for employment  and  consumption perse,  but  its  impact  on  distribution, resource exhaustion, social cost and negative spill-overs throw concerns for inter-generation  equity  across the growth  trajectories  of economies. Welfare paradigm aims at moving towards new contours of wellbeing without altering net gains to none. The path for stagnant economies is to outbound the production frontiers  through  welfare  and  sustainability.  For  the  third world the development strategies are manifold - knowledge, healthcare, technology, innovation and quality of life. The history evidences such economies cannot merely copy the western models which made men to traverse to matter alone.

The trade-off costs the glory of the human (elements) that surpasses the matter. Welfare, leisure and happiness belong more to the mind with qualitative dimensions. The economy needs  quality  dimensions  in  the  quantitative  arenas  of economic  growth  that  blends  growth  with  elements  of development.
Objective: This international conference will anatomize the growth trajectories of diverse economies that are fast moving towards dynamic models for searching welfare and happiness criteria. Many think-tanks and economists will come together in this platform to debate and present their models. You are welcome to participate and benefit from the discourse.

Intended  Audience:  The  conference  is  intended  for academicians,  industrialists,  researchers  and  think-tanks committed to think and inquire into deeper dimensions of happiness and human welfare.

Address for Communication: Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel, CMI, Director, ECC, Whitefield. Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - web: www.eccbengaluru.org

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