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Cameroon, Douala: Sharing with enterpreneurs

Report of the 2nd day of the Open Days EoC in Douala

by the Central Africa EoC Commission

151121 22 Douala EdC 12 ridThe first two hours of the morning shift of this 2nd day were dedicated to the culture of communion in the view of the charism of the unity. We had as speakers: Steve Azeumo, Herve Nzeyimana and William Fotso, all members of the central Africa EoC commission. After exchanging the first day on the different challenges in Africa and how to remedy, it was now time to present to participants, each one in his turn, under the vision of EoC which is the expression of the charism of unity, the culture of giving, hospitality and community solidarity as African values open to universality as to construct universal brotherhood, pawn of sustainable development.

It is important to note that participants especially admired the explanation of the culture of giving by means of a mathematical example on the ecological culture; it is an initial talk from Prof. Luigino Bruni, the international coordinator of the EoC project that Steve William Azeumo rightly adapted to the African context.

After a thirty-minutes break, we got into the fundamental of business because sustainable151121 22 Douala EdC 17 rid development wouldn’t be established without wealth-generating and -distributing businesses in a permanent manner; businesses that practice EoC principles. Two basic questions needed answers: How to seriously manage a business? How to put governance and communion together in business?

We had three EoC entrepreneurs as speakers: Melanie Njonou, Leocadie Pougoue and Gilles Chindje, assisted by Martin Momha, a specialist of the Social Doctrine of the church. Each one in his turn could demonstrate through exchanges with participants and sharing of the different professional experiences and with EoC entrepreneurs, the importance and the fruits of living the culture of giving in business. For example, Gilles Chindje, a young manager of a civil engineering agency, shared the challenges he faces together with his 04 young collaborators, as an EoC business. In order to avoid the traps of the capitalistic system that aims at exploiting employees, he proceeds, in spite of the difficulties, in revalorising the salary of employees as well as their formation to culture of giving, in the respect of the business charter of which every partner and employee 151121 22 Douala EdC 21 ridapproved unanimously. This section was concluded by Max Mbock who knew how to reconcile the experiences of good practices of experts and EoC entrepreneurs shared, at reference marks of EoC businesses and methods of setting up of the communion proposed by Giuseppe Argiolas, in his work entitled "Il valore dei valori. La governance nell'impresa socialmente orientata’’, published by Città Nuova editrice.

The afternoon shift of this second day was dedicated to proximity exchanges in between students, and every entrepreneur and expert present. Then followed an exchange of contacts for support and reciprocal follow-up in the realization of this sustainable development project in spite of the risks related to such an approach, that of the economy of communion in itself!

The impressions of the greater majority of participants on these two days were very good. Without risk of mistake, one can say today that this new generation of leaders and managers who were present at these open days is gearing towards sustainable development.



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