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Mexico, Fourth National EoC Congress: One Company Is Not Enough

''It's impossible to separate the chance of good from the risk of ill." (David Hume)

Juan Christian Medina

150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 27 rid

On 15th and16th August 2015, some seventy people from all around Mexico and nearby Honduras and Panama met at the Mariapolis Il Diamante, in Puebla State, Mexico, for the Fourth National Congress of the Economy of Communion. An important part of participants were the people for whom this was the first encounter with the EoC world.

In addition to entrepreneurs, there were employees, students and pensioners, confirming the fact that the EoC is a road that everyone can take to overcome the crisis of our civilization. Young people were especially powerful to show that there is a great need to build a radical alternative to the life of selfishness, individualism and waste of our civilization.

Already the introduction was underlined by the strong idea that150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 53 ridin order to feel fully human we should be a gift for each other and we should recognize the other person's gift. Poverty is loneliness and frustration. Communion is an act of freedom, it cannot be imposed, it requires justice and it is embodied in fraternity.

In the EoC, the most visible actor is the entrepreneur, but there are others, too. The EoC entrepreneur is important because he or she creates communion, reciprocity and fraternity. But the initiative can also come from the employee who "infects" the colleagues and the entrepreneur. An EoC company directs not only 5-7 percent of year-end profits, but 100 percent of its activities towards the same goal. As we said at the International Congress of Nairobi "in relationships one can discover not only poverty but also the wealth that is in the other; therefore poverty can be fought by communion."

150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 26 ridThe entrepreneur of communion is also an innovator who seeks to discover, receive and recognize what their employees give freely. This recognition is already an act of reciprocity. Therefore, there is no entrepreneur of communion without employees of communion. Both are formed together. There is no communion without reciprocity. The entrepreneur says no to immune hierarchy by choosing fraternity that liberates an otherwise controlling type of management, and so employees can transform their share of power and control into communion.

There were many who shared their experiences, pains and achievements. Here are some testimonials:

Catalina Sánchez is a teacher whose daughter suffered a tragic 150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 59 ridaccident. Together with her husband they transformed their pain into a resource for single mothers and fathers in a year and a half: a nursery. There are many difficulties, but in communion with other EoC entrepreneurs, they find the light to see so many gifts in their enterprise: the educator who can draw particularly well, the enormous patience of another, the teacher who knows how to set limits with tenderness, firmness and cheerfulness...

Laura Rodríguez is 26 years old, she graduated in computer science and half a year ago she created a computer services company with two partners. Last year she participated in the American Summer School in Mexico and 150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 56 ridthere she felt a vocation for the EoC. The company is very dynamic and has made fraternity its lifestyle. Decisions between the partners are taken in communion, but that's not all. To celebrate the first anniversary of their company, they prepared a big lunch for immigrants who are temporarily in Puebla, before getting on the train cars that take them to the United States. In addition to the lunch they gave them slippers with encouraging slogans on them.

Jesús Peterson from Panama is the owner of a company 150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 43 ridproducing electrical systems since 1998. He infected everyone with his extraordinary faith in the "hidden partner", of which he considers himself just an "instrument". In fact, sometimes it can seem like a miracle that the EoC companies are able to compete in the market by paying all taxes and respecting all the rights of their employees.

Another important topic of the congress was the deficit of trust inside organizations. Many experiences have shown that the main vehicle of confidence is love delivered through gift and the recognition and appreciation of the other person. Eloquent testimonies were given by María Luisa Altamirano, Catalina Sánchez and Rocío Abascal on the formation of work teams within "ecosystems of trust", where each employee puts their confidence in the group into practice, which in turn will become attentive to the needs of each member.

The congress ended with an affectionate message by Luigino Bruni who joined the conference virtually, 150815 16 Puebla Congresso EdC 63 ridfrom the house of his parents: "... The secret of the EoC is not being afraid of the freedom of the people... do not be afraid of the employees who are more complicated than the organization chart may suggest. We should learn to live together with complicated people. The generous person does not seek to control people's souls, he or she does not want to "eat" the best ones, but leaves them free and greater than his company. Mexico has a generous culture and women are generous by vocation, because they know how to place the happiness of their children before their own.".



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