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Business Park in the Pampas

O’Higgins - Argentina: the results of 360 degrees of communion

by Hugo Mardon

from the EoC Report 2016 on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" - Editorial insert of Città Nuova n.2/2017 - february 2017

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EoC and Mariapolis Lía - Located at the Mariapolis Lia near the Argentinean EoC Business Park Solidaridad, the sweet producing company "Sorriso" has been providing work and food for many years for the young focolarine undertaking a training course at the Mariapolis. In recent months the organizational needs resulting from a major and unexpected order have highlighted how precarious the systems of management, manufacturing and marketing are comparing to the development prospects that are now reality: there is a need for change.

This is how six months ago a managerial reorganization process was run with the participation of the focolarine and the Locascio family, representing the EoC Association of the Southern Cone, which has made available their entrepreneurial skills to help reorganize the company.

How? By working together, with great freedom and openness, sharing needs, doubts and failures. There were months of intense work in which, starting from a general analysis of the industry, a three-year project was designed.

The fruits were immediately visible: reduced costs, increased profitability and improved trade relations with key customers. Through the creation of management indicators, a building renovation was started and new machinery were installed."Putting N44 pag06 Polo Pampa 02 rid webthe needs, concerns and doubts of those working in this sector in communion with the EoC entrepreneurs led us to starting a new phase in the history of the Mariapolis." And it is only the beginning of a great challenge of strong communion..

Pasticcino - Meanwhile, the Solidaridad Business Park keeps growing: in 2016 Pasticcino continued to innovate, create and reinvent. Its achievements include: the enlargement of the hangar doubling its floorspace by a new wing, the launch of new products, the arrival of new clients, the increase of the staff, the increase in production, its re-activation on the web and constant presence in social media... and also the new headquarters opened in Spartacus Business Park in Brazil as reported on page 12. All this would not have been possible without the 360° of communion that's a constant characteristic of those who are part of Pasticcino: with generosity, a contagious daily enthusiasm and a priority relationship with the customers and all those who approach the company.

N44 pag06 Polo Pampa 03 ridPrimicias - After last year's floods that inundated the crops of Primicias, Pepe Marin was able to start over based on the aid received from the EoC worldwide, with the soul of a farmer who knows that the earth that's always generous will offer him a redress. Today, production has begun.

Visitors - The "Polo" always has an open gate: during the year 2016 more than 2,500 people visited it. Students, teachers, entrepreneurs, travellers and the visitors to the Mariapolis Lia. What matters to everyone is not so much "how you get there", but “how you leave": surprised, "challenged" and invaded by curiosity. You do not just leave the Polo, you take it with you. 

Among the many enduring difficulties, the Business Park stands and remains as a challenge, but the enhanced communion we experience makes us dream of an increasingly shared and fruitful future.



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