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The next three years of AIPEC

For an EoC that is attentive to projects to help those on the periphery

by Mauro Ventura

from the EoC Report 2014-2015 on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" no. 42 Editorial insert of Città Nuova no. 2 - 2016 - February 2016

N42 Pag 14 Mauro Ventura autore rid"AIPEC is a beautiful thing and I would like it to spread. I decided to join to build an economy in a joint effort that should be based on the values of respect, assistance and the exchange of energies, and where money is only a means and not an end, a way for everyone to have a better life." This is what Francesca, a 40-year-old Turin lawyer writes. She is committed to defending the rights of the weakest, after having met the Italian Association for an Economy of Communion (AIPEC). She did not hesitate to sign up: after reading the Statute and the Code of Ethics on www.aipec.it, she went on to deepen her knowledge about the Economy of Communion also thanks to www.edc-online.org and in the end she joined us with much enthusiasm.

Like her, other 200 entrepreneurs, professionals, students, pensioners, employees, housewives and people seeking employment have joined AIPEC. Many more are those who rediscovered values ​​already existing but maybe dormant in themselves during the 80 events organized in the first three years: "It opens my heart to hope knowing that there are organisations that are actually free from narrow self-interest, the passion of possession and are animated by a consideration for "the other", by a spirit of service to achieve the common good."

In November 2015 the assembly of AIPEC elected six new Board members. Livio Bertola was confirmed as President: he is an entrepreneur from Cuneo, father of four children and grandfather of 7 grandchildren, a leader capable of engaging those who approach him in just a few minutes. Ornella Seca was re-elected Vice-President: she is a general agent of an insurance company, with 5 offices in the central/southern part of the region of Abruzzo, bringing together rationality and efficiency in a great love for the EoC. Newcomers are Annalisa Mancini, electronics engineer, who will give an international aspect to the Association as she works in Germany; Enrica Bruneri, director of a family business of machining in Piedmont; Mauro Ventura, financial consultant and pianist, who thanks to AIPEC has rediscovered the enthusiasm of '91 at the launch of the EoC; finally, Nicola Pagliarulo from Rome, an electrical engineer N42 Pag 14 Aipec 01 ridwho, after 20 years of work has now created his own information services company. Domenico Racca, a member of the previous Board, was elected by the members as 'guarantor' of the Association.

AIPEC's ambitions and hopes are high for the association's growth in the next three years and especially for projects to be financed through part of the profits that the entrepreneur members provide. On the one hand, therefore, we can report the structuring and consolidation of the organization for its efforts to spread the EoC, the other, a generous and careful management of projects dedicated to the "those left to be the last ones".

The spreading of the EoC is a process also involving collaboration with the Scuola di Economia Civile (SEC) and Sophia University, while the solidarity and cooperation projects are managed in collaboration with AMU, in the knowledge that such projects are an integral part of the economic behaviour of the enterprises involved.



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