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Trading the talent of communion

Entrepreneurs and workers have offered their time, expertise and resources to create new enterprises. It is a first response to the appeals of Pope Francis for an economy that does not forget the poor.

by Alberto Ferrucci

from the EoC Report 2014-2015 on the "Economy of Communion - A New Culture" no. 42 Editorial insert of Città Nuova no. 2 - 2016 - February 2016

N42 Pag 03 Alberto Ferrucci AutoreThe Economy of Communion has reached its 25 years milestone. In fact, it was born in 1943, from an intuition of Chiara Lubich who as a young girl got inspired by the Gospel while she was taking refuge in the shelters during the bombings: she could respond to the immense love of God for her, in the - perhaps short - lifetime she still had, pouring out her love for those around her who were frightened and insecure, and especially towards the weak, the suffering and the lonely.

Even today, unfortunately, there are people who are terrorized by bombs: the echo of their torment comes to us through the media - in the words of those who fled after losing everything - and from the beaches scattered by abandoned bodies of adults and children whose lives have been taken prematurely.

Where the rule of law has evaporated because of political and economic calculations (from which no one can opt out), the barbarity of the past centuries returns, but with the weapons of the present, those that deter modern states from repairing the damage done, because no one wants to risk their lives for other peoples any more: a dead-end situation in which only a few fools would take the place of those who govern.

Can we now, just like Chiara did in 1943 and again in 1991 with the EoC, pass on the talent of communion, the only one that builds a real peace to the world? It is a talent that has been entrusted to us for the world, something we hould not stick to but share. We only have a few loaves of bread and some fish, N42 Pag 03 Editoriale Imprenditori Edcthat is, our experience of "communion" in the company, in economics and in politics, open to those who suffer from the various forms of poverty: in terms of food, clothing, housing, security, trust, hope, self-esteem and above all, jobs. It is an open experience around us and towards those who, from distant people, are made our close friends that are in the trenches, where people suffer most.

With our schools, the new 1+1 projects, the network of incubators, the national associations and the already active productive projects - thanks to the profits of companies (increasing even if some of them closed down after 25 years)-, we want overcome the emergency and, casting our eyes to far-away places by planting seeds of communion that will inevitably grow.

We want to do it by training those looking for a way, or by walking alongside those who think they have already found it, in order to make the work activities they have developed concrete and sustainable. We can act to reinforce their self-esteem by increasing their trust in the future, so that the desire is born in them to return the help they received to others as soon as possible.

We will be told that only armies can reverse the situation: today the soldiers of peaceful countries help to avoid bloody wars in Iraq, in Lebanon, Kosovo, Mali, Sudan and elsewhere, but they are not sufficient to build real peace and perhaps it is not enough to pay taxes to finance armies to prevent bloody conflicts.

Similarly, it is not enough just to wait for someone to tell us what to do: like Pope Francis says, it's my turn, that of the "periphery", to notice the neediness of those around me and just like Chiara in 1943, to act, by asking the hidden partner, the Almighty, for the discernment on how to build peace by making the talents of "communion" bring fruit.



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