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The European EoC Summer School: registration has opened

“Towards a Bridging Economy”

By Iolanda Tovar

Logo_Summer_Portugal_ridThe Summer School “Towards a Bridging Economy” will be held in Portugal in the little town of the Focolare Movement called “Arco-Íris”, close to Lisbon, from 11- 15 September 2012. It is for students and young business people from 19 – 32 years of age who are interested in learning more about the EoC. The registration process is now open: to enrol one can fill out the online form by clicking here:

A Summer School that has emerged in a context that is not lacking in challenges posed by the crisis, felt in an acute manner in European nations; a crisis which, according to Luigino Bruni, shows “above all the need for people to re-find enthusiasm for relationships, to find  creative ways to come together and generate new productive activities, new employment opportunities…” so that “today’s dreams may be directed to production and generating.”

A Summer School that came to life with the goal of living together – students and teachers – an experience of studies and life that brings out the creativity and capacity for innovation of young people. Among the goals delineated for this school are:

  • To present and deepen in a systematic manner the theoretical ideas developed around the project for an Economy of Communion;
  • To get to know the business practices of the EoC companies and the new type of business person, of management and governance that comes from it;
  • To foster the birth of a group of young scholars at an international level who can continue to work in a network within the “EoC Youth Sector.

We asked Luigino Bruni some questions on the reasons behind the planning of this Summer School:

Why a European Summer School?

Today, within the crisis that we are living (in Europe, and above all in Mediterranean nations), there is a specific problem that is called “young people”: Luigino_Bruni_05young adults have the right to take their lives in hand, both individually and collectively, including their economic welfare. Unemployment, the precarious nature of work and the uncertainty of it, are very serious matters. In these moments, we need hope and trust: this is the real reason why two years ago we launched the “EoC Youth Sector Project,” which saw its first developments in Kenya, Argentina, Austria and now in Portugal. This upcoming Summer School in Portugal has a specific academic and cultural dimension (also due to the partnership with the Catholic University of Porto), which is a typical note of this school.  Then it will also coincide with the Genfest, bringing the young people in focus also within the Focolare Movement. For this reason, too, the Summer School in Portugal will be an international event.

The economic crisis will be the backdrop of this First European EoC Summer School to be held in Portugal, one of the nations hardest hit by it. It’s not by chance! What do you plan to impart to the young people who will attend it? 

Crises can be favourable times that open up new windows of opportunity, but one needs to have the right lenses to see them. The charism give us this new vision. In the Summer School, we will attempt to view the world – its economic and social reality – with the new “lenses” that the EoC gives us, a reality that is born precisely from a charism that is already allowing us to discern, even though still in embryo, a new economic and social paradigm.

Registration for the Summer School are open: young people from all over the world can enroll, on the condition that they know English.

For more information write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - tel. 00351 964107303

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