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Half Winged Angels

The young people who participated in the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico wanted to conclude their experience with a message that expresses their thoughts. The message is reproduced in full below.

140811-15 SS Mexico 31 ridIs it possible to reach personal self-fulfilment in one's work? Can a business contribute to the solution of social problems?

This week we have experienced the Summer School of the Economy of Communion, and, with the help of experts and entrepreneurs from different countries, we went deep into the various aspects of the theory and practice of the EoC.

We arrived here with very different ideas, professions and national realities. The EoC invites us to take a fresh look at all these singularities and forget about the borders in order to perceive the multiple dimensions of poverty and to engage freely in changing the world day after day.

The EoC gives a face to poverty and focuses attention on the dimensions of the person, inviting all to get involved in it with love and so discover a new form of freedom: the freedom to experience relationships with others based on love and living Messaggio Summer Edc Mexico 2014to bring forward not only our dreams but also those of others. We have had the experience of putting what we have in our mind and heart into the communion, and finding the most effective tools to actually implement our projects in dialogue and reciprocity.

We are young people from 11 countries, who will not be limited by borders. We want to find alternatives to the current economic model that is not able to respond to our deep desire for a just and more fraternal society where love is the greatest tool for transformation. We are "half winged angels" who must hug each other in order to fly.

The participants of the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico.
Little Town of El Diamante, Acatzingo, Puebla. 15th August 2014

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