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From Puebla: ready to build a dream

The first Mexican EoC Summer School ended on Friday, following the thread of thoughts proposed by the reflections on the new light that emerged around the Economy of Communion at the Mariapoli El Diamante in Puebla.

140811-15 SS Mexico 28 ridby Christopher Jimenez

The last two days of school have been really significant for the exchange of experiences and for setting up new initiatives: activities were characterized by generosity, attentive listening and creativity.

Thursday's session began with an interesting lesson by Galo Pozo that focused on a very specific topic: how to deal with the difficulties that arise in the EoC businesses, in the lives of the entrepreneurs and how to transform them into unique opportunities for growth and improvement.

Later on, an opportunity was offered for those present to tell about their business initiatives in the light of the Economy of Communion. It was the 140811-15 SS Mexico 29 ridtime of "building dreams" and finding an echo of it in a rich exchange of views and ideas. There were also some strategies that emerged to create networks of collaboration among all, in order to strengthen and develop these "dreams": digital platforms to find financing, production of clothing, art galleries, a training school for crafts and online shops are some of the initiatives that came up as a result of the centrality given to the communion of goods, social commitment and the centrality of the person.

On Friday morning, at the start of the last day of the Summer-School, we saw the video of the historic day when Chiara Lubich launched the proposal of the EoC in 1991 in Brazil: a great moment of encounter with the proposal of the EoC in its origins, with its objectives and recipients.

140811-15 SS Mexico 30 ridThe moment of the conclusions proved to be a pleasant exchange in which the entrepreneurs shared what they had learned though conducting business and projects with the logic of the Economy of Communion. On behalf of the young people present, a message was written in which they express what this experience of dialogue and staying together 140811-15 SS Mexico 26 ridin the Summer School has meant for them.

Upon its handing out to the young people present, Anouk Grevin said: "with EoC you do a lot for not only America, but the whole wide world." In his speech, Luca Crivelli reminded the participants that the EoC "was born to live our dream and to live it together with the others." Luigino Bruni elaborated on the value of vocation, which is a key element of the EoC as a manifestation of the "thirst for the infinite," which leads us to get involved in it, as in a way of life which it is really. He also encouraged the participants to overcome the "test" that will come for each of them when they have to face their own reality, after the Summer School.

The evening brought about a celebration of our talents: some sang a song, others told a funny story or showed us a game, there were some who danced, or offered pictures and music...it was also a time for sharing our cultural diversity in the construction of this international communion leading us to the unique lifestyle that the EoC offers to us.



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