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Learning from Each Other, in Communion

An account of the second and third days of the 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico: the adventure continues... 

by Juan José Medeiros

120330-scuola-santa-maria 02 ridThe 2014 EoC Summer School in Mexico goes on with an intense rhythm. The morning of 12th August saw the visit to the Santa Maria School in Actipan in the immediate vicinity of the Little Town of El Diamante. The Santa Maria School is a strong testimony of what the EoC can achieve. Of the 10,000 inhabitants of Actipan, 60% are under the age of twenty. They live off of the fruits of agriculture, but the ground is fertile for only a few months a year, during the rainy season: as a result, there is poverty and unemployment and large families that send even the youngest children to help in the camps. There is also a high illiteracy rate and widespread alcoholism. 23 years ago, after the launch of the EoC in Brazil, some people felt they had to do something for the children of Actipan and they came up with the idea of ​​founding this school that today is frequented by boys and girls of different social and economic conditions, in a harmonious coexistence.

Today, after more than 20 years of activity, the school Santa Maria is a well-established educational adventure: "new men and women" are formed here by appealing to love for each other, the culture of giving and fraternity in all relations inside and outside 120330-scuola-santa-maria ridthe school. "It is our intention," explains Maria Teresa Sanchez, one of the coordinators of the school "to make them aware of personal dignity, valuing everyone and allowing their potentials to surface." Laura Romo adds: "We develop creativity in the logic of the culture of giving, so as to prefer sociality and cooperation to individualism and competition."

The realisation of some really important experiences of collaborative work can be seen here, where the whole school community is actively engaged with a very strong involvement of families, and where everyone learns and everyone teaches what is most important in life, to love one another. I all leads to the fulfilment of the person in all dimensions: physical, intellectual, psychological and spiritual. More than 7,500 children have studied at the Santa Maria School in the past twenty years and more, and there are over 400 students enrolled currently, from kindergarten to high school levels, with one meal assured for everyone every day.

In the afternoon of 12th August, a lecture by Luigino Bruni was heard on: "Who is the EoC Entrepreneur" that led us to reflect on how our behaviour in corporate life,140811-15 SS Mexico 22 rid which is characterized by creativity, innovation and a strong love for the poor, can really transform the reality that surrounds us.

Yesterday, on 13th August, two trips were made. In the morning, most of the participants went to Cholula and Puebla to get a taste of the local culture: some precious time was spent in this trip by bus that is important for getting to know each other better as individuals and as people coming from different cultures.

Luigino Bruni, Luca Crivelli and Anouk Grevin visited Tehuacán instead, where, at the local seat of the Universidad Interamericana para il Desarollo (Inter-American University for Development), they attended a conference entitled: "The Vocation of the Economy and the Enterprise: The Proposal of the EoC" which gave them the opportunity to make the EoC known in academia.140811-15 SS Mexico 20 rid

In the afternoon, the lecture by Anouk Grevin on "Work as a Gift," evoked a nice and lively dialogue, with many questions by young people and responses by members of the International Commission present (Luigino Bruni, Luca Crivelli, Anouk Grevin and Armando Tortelli), as well as some great contributions by the entrepreneurs who have offered to share their experiences: as Luigino Bruni pointed out in the end, "the Summer School is not made ​​up of teachers and students, but composed of people who learn from each other in communion." The adventure continues!



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