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Last Days of Registration for the Summer School

Fervent preparations are in course in France (and not only there) for the International EoC Summer School at the end of August in Paris: an interview with the organizers.

by Antonella Ferrucci

SS Paris 2014 Organizzatori ridThese are the last days to register for the EoC Summer School 2014 to be held in Paris, from 26 to 31 August. What kind of responses have you received in recent months?

Applications for joining in the event started arriving as early as 17 February (the first applicants were almost predominantly young people from Eastern Europe and the other continents) and have continued to come in steadily in the subsequent months. Although we cannot have more than 50 participants for logistical reasons, and we have received more than 70 requests for registration, we will not be forced to reject any candidates, because some have dropped out as it normally happens in situations like this, some others did not get back to us...

At present the number of actual participants is around 45-50. They represent an interesting variety of backgrounds: they will come from 24 different countries! And because of this we should be able to accommodate those young people who wish to register in the last days...

What are the young people wishing to attend the EoC Summer School like?

Starting from the first applications for registration, we were impressed by the strong motivation of these young people: they are highly skilled, they do their best to be able to come, despite having limited holidays and expensive trips to deal with! We also realized that many requests were the result of either recent or older contacts with the EoC world, in many parts of the world. Some people were informed about the Summer School from Facebook, others through friends. It is for certain now that a large part of the participants do not come from the environs of the Focolare Movement: we like this fact, but we must make sure in their regards that the EoC gets expressed in an authentic way, always true to its origins...

How do you think you can prepare for this?Logo SS Paris 2014 new rid

In France, we are lucky to have a nice group of about thirty entrepreneurs engaged in the EoC, who build their lives upon this perspective and are committed to make it known in their respective regions. Five of them will participate in the Summer School for one or two days, on different days, giving their testimony.

Could you give us a heads up of the program?

The perspective of the program is broad as it intends to show the continuity between life and thought that everyone can experience. It will be a quality program, which will also include moments of leisure. To introduce the subject of a more just economy, on arrival, participants will have the possibility to discover the new “Multimedia EoC Pole”, which will be inaugurated by Luigino Bruni and the International Commission on the day preceding the start of the Summer School.

What about the logistical organisation?

The welcoming of participants in Arny is in fact a bit complicated – we do not have a real Mariapoli Centre there and, accordingly, finding housing solutions has not been easy, but we are confident that participants will feel welcome and will be able to experience the consistency among the topics of the Summer School and real, simple life here. Some surprises may also be waiting for them...



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