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“It pays to do God’s will”

Living City publishes more experiences on God´s Providence

"It Pays to do God´s Will"

From Living City, July 2010

The raise

I recently took a new job managing a portion of a website. My work began generating a lot of revenue. As the end of the year approached, my husband and I were trying to decide whether or not I should ask for a raise. As a new employee, I didn’t feel entitled to more money, but my husband, who works with me, thought it was perfectly appropriate to ask. We decided that God knew what was best and didn’t worry about it.

That same week, I was at home trying to add news items to the Focolare website, but I didn’t finish. The next morning at work, I really wanted to get back to it, but I knew it wasn’t the will of God to do personal work while I was on the clock...

When 5:30 came along, I was finished with my work and began typing away on the Focolare website.

At about 6:00, my boss stopped in and commented on how hard I was working. Despite my temptation to nod and smile, I told him I was there late doing something personal. He didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he began to tell me that I was doing a good job. Then, much to my surprise, he offered me a raise!

If I hadn’t listened to my inner voice, I wouldn’t have been there late on the night he had to finish his budget.

My husband and I joked, “It pays to do God’s will.”

— L. K.

Heaven’s bank

I have discovered how each time we reach into our pockets to help a brother or sister in need, it is like putting money into a bank in heaven that pays 100% interest.

One day I met someone at the train station whose purse had been stolen. I immediately gave her enough money for her ticket home and for something to eat. She thanked me and assured me she would pay it back as soon as she could. I really didn’t expect to get the money back.

For several years I have been washing and ironing the linen for Mass in our parish, but I was never paid for this service. One day someone in the parish came to my house and handed me an envelope, thanking me on behalf of all the parishioners for doing this little job.

I opened the envelope and inside was a sum of money which was one hundred times what I had given to that person at the station. The words of the Gospel are really true!

— H. B.



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