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Guidelines to conduct an Economy of Communion business

We present here an updated proposal of the guidelines that the businesses adhering to the EoC have committed to follow since 1997. The guidelines have been elaborated so that each aspect of the business life may be faithful to the inspiration from which the project was born, and, at the same time, may make visible the effects of the logic of communion in the structures of economic life.

In this version, fruit of the revision work initiated  during the EoC International Convention of November 2007, have been re-touched above all in the first two sections, to make clearer the identity of the project and the following organizational principles.

Binari_ridThe Economy of Communion Project (EoC) intends to promote a vision of economic action committed to the integral promotion of people and society, by means of actions and behaviours inspired by brotherhood.

While aiming for the satisfaction of the needs of ourselves and others by natural means, such economic action is oriented to the steadfast respect and full value of all people involved in the life of the business whether they are workers, customers, suppliers or financiers. With the same respect and value of those involved, the project looks to the relationship with civil society and its various institutions in the same manner, as well as to the natural environment.

The EoC works to stimulate the passage of economy and the entire society from a culture of having to a culture of giving and universal brotherhood.

We are promoting a free adhesion to these values on the part of the economic world thus implying the commitment of a constant thrust in the business’s daily functions, according the practices described in the present guidelines.

Entrepreneurs, workers and business
The businesses that take part in the EoC define their mission by adopting communion as the fundamental value of their own organisation. They utilise techniques and organizational solutions that promote efficiency, participation in decision making and the spirit of teamwork.


Beginning with those of major responsibility both functions and positions within the organisation are clearly defined and carried out with a spirit of service. The management style is one of participation and oriented to the pursuit of specific, achievable and measurable objectives. These objectives are evaluated in a transparent manner paying attention to the quality of the relationships of everyone involved with agreement on corrective actions for the improvement of the entire business.

The person is at the centre of the enterprise. The leaders of the business make a constant effort to value the talents of each worker, favoring their creativity, their assumption of responsibility, the growth of their professional competence, their ability to get along with everyone and their participation in defining and accomplishing the business’s goals.  When possible, explicit forms of help are provided to those finding themselves in difficulty.

The investment decisions are assumed by the business with the full understanding that they are made with the guarantee of the balance of the economic and financial systems. Special attention is given to initiatives that favour the development of new markets and new jobs. The enterprise is managed in a way that promotes the attainment of profits. The entrepreneurs and their partners who are part of the EoC, commit to share their profits:

  • first for the growth of the business,
  • second, to help indigent people to get out of their situation, beginning with those sharing the same values
  • third for the spreading of the culture of giving considering all three of equal importance.

In the case in which only one of the partners is member of the EoC, the commitment to share according to the purposes of the EoC project, applies only to the part he owns in the business.

The relationship with customers, suppliers, financiers, civil society and those near by
laboratorio-brasileLending special attention to the explicit and implicit needs of their customers, the enterprise commits to offering useful goods and good quality services at equitable prices. All those who work in the business strive to build and reinforce good and open relationships with customers, supplier and the community in which they operate by working very professionally.

The enterprise relates in a loyal way to the competition presenting the effective value of its own products and abstaining from speaking negatively about the products of others. It is aware that all this allows the enterprise to be enriched by an immaterial capital constituted by relationships of esteem and  trust with suppliers and customers and public administrations.

Work is viewed as a means not only for professional but also human growth.


The enterprise is committed to respect all laws and contributes to improve laws that are considered harmful for the common good. It maintains a correct behavior toward the officers of IRS (for the USA) and all fiscal authorities, of all unions’ control officers and institutional agencies.

In defining the nature and quality of its products, the enterprise is not only committed to respect its contract obligations but also to evaluate the effects the products themselves may have on the well-being of people for whom they are produced and of the environment.

Life and production quality
Schmiede by LibärOne of the main goals of an EoC business is to become a true community.
For such important goal the enterprise organises periodical meetings to verify the quality of interpersonal relationships and to contribute to resolve difficult situations, well aware that such commitment can generate positive effects on all the people working in the business, stimulating innovation and an increase of maturity and productivity.

The health and well-being of each member of the enterprise are the objects of special care but those affected by particular needs are especially considered.  The work conditions reflect the type of activities carried on:  the respect of safety norms, the necessary ventilation, tolerable level of noise and adequate lighting etc. are always assured. An excessive work schedule is avoided so that no one is overburdened and sufficient vacation time is also provided for.

Harmony in the work environment
A system of organizational management and structure is adopted by the EoC enterprises such that they promote both working in groups and personal growth and spirit of initiative. The goal is to create a work environment characterized by a friendly and relaxed relational climate and based on respect, trust and mutual esteem.


Those who are responsible in the enterprise act so that the working areas are always clean, in order, and as pleasant as possible so that their harmony will put all employees, owners, customers and suppliers at ease. In addition the enterprise will do all it can to spread this style.

Education at all levels
seminarioThe enterprise will favour the establishment of an atmosphere of mutual support, respect and trust where everyone will feel free to share talents, ideas, competence to the advantage of the professional growth of colleagues and for the progress of the business.

The management will adopt personnel selection and professional development planning criterions to facilitate the creation of such an atmosphere.

To allow everyone to reach both personal and business based goals the enterprise will offer the opportunities for continuous education and updates. If concretely possible the enterprise will facilitate a formative education to the culture of communion of the personnel and of young people interested in the EoC project.

The EoC entrepreneurs work constantly to create an open and sincere communication climate which will favour the exchange of ideas among all levels of business responsibility.


They are open to everyone especially to people who, appreciating the social importance of the EoC business, make themselves available to contribute to its development and to those who, being interested in the culture of giving, are eager to deepen their knowledge of the various aspects of the concrete experience.

For this purpose they employ the opportune instruments to periodically check the accounts (Social Budget) that may tangibly show the social value generated by the business’s activity in the interest of the various subjects involved.

The EoC enterprises, also with the intent to develop mutually useful and productive economic relationships, use the most modern means of communication to stay connected among themselves at the local and the international level.

The EoC entrepreneurs, aware of the cultural and political importance that the success of the common project can have, will always keep alive among them a spirit of mutual support and solidarity both locally and internationally.



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