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The Future of the EoC Has Already Started

Even the Gen 4, the small children of the Focolare Movement, contribute their own "work" to the EoC project in a considerable way

Gen4_IndiaEven the Gen 4, the small children of the Focolare Movement, adhered right away with impetus to Chiara Lubich´s proposal in 1991, when she launced the EoC project. Since then, throughout the world, the Gen 4 meet together to produce their products to sell, and they give their "profits" to the poor.

With the simplicity and generosity that characterizes them, they faithfully apply the EoC principals and produce a lot – just think that last year the "Gen 4 businesses" gave a good 14,000 Euro of profits for the poor! But now we pass the word to them to understand what pushes them to commit themselves in the EoC businesses.

Gen4_SpagnaClaudia: We Gen 4 try to do as Chiara did: "See Jesus in the others". In all that we do, we try to remember that Jesus, when we arrive in Heaven, will tell us, "You did it to me". Like Chiara, we know that Jesus is in the poor and, as our song says, we want to tell them, "You won´t have to suffer as long as we´re here".

To give to the poor, we follow Chiara´s footsteps... It all started when she arrived in Brazil to meet the people of the Movement there. But she didn´t like seeing so many enormous skyscrapers and below them the shanties of the poor, like a crown of thorns all around the city. How can we help our poor? Jesus gave Chiara an idea: building businesses where people give part of their earnings to the poor.

Rita: "So we Gen 4 have started our small businesses. One of the Gen 4 businesses is called "Spark of Love". It´s name comes from the decision to bring love in the world, to all people. From our fire of love, we will send a spark that will set the hearts of others on fire. We work to make and sell necklaces, bracelets and other things."

"Then, this is what we do with the money we earn: we give one part to the poor, one part to other Gen 4 in the world, and one part to our businesses to keep them running. Spark of love, full power!

Gen4_FirenzeClaudia: There are Gen 4 businesses all over the world. The Gen 4 business in Japan is a big success. It´s called "Joy of love". It produces necklaces and other similar things. The Gen 4 also produced paintings of scenes from the Creation story, and at the Mariapolis they inaugurated a painting exhibit open to everyone. The money from the entrance tickets went to the poor.

They themselves showed visitors around and explained the pictures. One lady said, "The atmosphere was so bueatiful there, the love of the Gen 4 was so strong, that I didn´t want leave!"

Rita: Instead, in the Ivory Coast, the Gen 4 raise snails. Every Saturday, the Gen 4 from Man meet in the big garden in the small town of Mariapolis Vittoria, and they look for snails. They wash them, feed them with lettuce leaves, and when they are ready they go to the market and sell them, with the help from their moms.

Gen4_Spagna2Claudia: In Murcia, a small city in southern Spain, a new bar has opened: "Spark of Love". Before beginning this activity, the shareholders - the Gen 4 - voted for a president and treasurer. In every meeting of the Focolare, they prepare and offer coffee and cookies.

Rita: The Gen 4 businesses in Nigeria sent €42,00 for the poor. It´s a large sum for them! You might ask, “How did they do it?” They cultivated a vegetable garden, which they watered very carefully...and then they sold their produce to the neighbors!

Claudia: In Bulgaria, the Gen 4 had an exceptional idea: they opened a zoo. The cages are made of upsidedown plastic cups, where they show frogs, flies and other insects that have substituted monkeys and lions! And to visit the zoo, people pay an entrance ticket.

Gen4_TaiwanRita: Now we go to Italy. In the Gen 4 center in Rome, we´ve begun our Christmas projects. What does this involve? "We make Baby Jesuses out of plaster. To make them, we take plaster powder and we mix it with water, then we put it in the molds. Only when they are dry we take them out and set them aside. Right away, we paint them, and when they dry we put them in little baskets with straw, together with a message that Chiara Lubich wrote about Christmas. When it´s almost Christmastime, we go into the streets and we offer them to passers-by. Actually, with this activity, besides helping the poor, we want to remind people that Christmas isn´t the feast of Santa Clause, but of Jesus.

Gen4_UngheriaClaudia: The Gen 4 from Portugal wrote: "Hello! We´re the Gen 4 from Lisbon. We found out that in our Parliment - where there are politicians who make laws - they were lighting the Christmas tree, and so we went there with Baby Jesus, to bring love to everyone. The President of the Parliment read the whole message "Bringing Jesus Back to Christmas" and said that ours was the first Baby Jesus to come inside the Parliment. We told him that we are the Gen 4, that we´re in the whole world, and that we do many acts of love... We even sang the song "Give", and he was very happy. Then, he invited us to turn on the lights of the big Christmas tree with him and told all the people there they we went there to bring Baby Jesus.



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