Teaching on the EoC


By Linda B. Specht, Trinity University

from Living City, November 2011

I have taught a university course on the EoC for three years. The experience in Brazil reaffirmed in my mind the importance of the EoC model and experience, and it has been a transformational event for me, personally. Upon my return, I had a congenial and fruitful conversation about the EoC with our university president. I also have been engaged in a process of curricular reform in my academic department and have put forth the EoC model as one that should be introduced to all of our business students. That initiative is still under deliberation, but I feel that what I experienced in Brazil has opened the door to a new part of my personal journey with the EoC. It has given me the “fire” to bring the EoC into new areas of dialogue within the university community and with other civic and professional groups in my city. In fact, I have been asked to speak to three different professional groups since my return, and they have been groups that I would not have necessarily viewed as interested in or receptive to the message of the EoC.