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‘Fulfil Yourself at Work. Creating an Economy with the Soul for Ourselves’

From 1 to 3 October 2014 a group of forty young people from all over Italy participated in the third edition of the EoC Workshop School at Polo Lionello Bonfanti

by Chiara Andena

141001-03 WSS Loppiano 04 ridThe idea of the Workshop Schools was born in 2012 with the edition entitled ‘Start up the future' and it was continued the following year with 'Progettare il lavoro, costruire il futuro' (Plan Work, Build the Future) and this year it was transformed into ‘Realìzzati/realizzàti nel lavoro' (Fulfill Yourself ​​/ Achievements at Work). The Italian title plays on the shift of the tonic accent that creates two words with different meanings and it contains two of the main topics examined. On the one hand it is an incentive and an encouragement for us young people to find a job that does not only guarantee adequate remuneration or economic success to us, but one that also allows us to express and develop our talents, our daimon and to feel that our work is a vocation, in communion with those who work with us.

And on the other hand, it is a horizon to aim at and a goal to strive for that, thanks to the testimony of many guests, turned out not to be a chimera, even in times of crisis.

Through the help of many experts and professionals, we have been able to get to know the 141001-03 WSS Loppiano 02 ridEoC and to reflect on the indissolubility that binds the job to our person. These days have been a journey for us, not only training, but mainly dialogue and growth, reflecting on our aspirations and the importance of recognizing our talents in order to fulfil ourselves in the work we do not only as individuals, but as members of a community with a strong sense of belonging. Learning about the world of the EoC has in fact shown us how our small contribution can become much more meaningful and enjoyable when shared with the resources 141001-03 WSS Loppiano 06 ridof the other. Prof. Luigino Bruni reminded us that ‘work is never just taking a general place in the world, but a fundamental exercise to understand our place in the world’ and especially that pursuing a profession means fitting into a social network. And that's one of the other main points, namely the need to look at the economy with the soul, an economy that places the human dimension and relationships at the centre.

Training workshops were interspersed with two different aims: the knowledge and the sharing of the direct experiences of some of the EoC entrepreneurs and professionals of different fields of work; self-knowledge, 141001-03 WSS Loppiano 01 ridlooking for those talents which, if developed and pooled with the talents of others, can give us the opportunity to gain work experience that, apart from allowing us to fulfil ourselves, lets us join with our exercise into the construction of the common good.

Thanks to the days we spent together we had the opportunity to gain an experience of communion among the firsts. It's important to find the time to ask ourselves questions about our future, to discover our talents and above all the hope 141001-03 WSS Loppiano 03 ridin our hearts but to do it with other people, while being guided by experts was much more significant for the life of each and every participant. In a historical time characterized by the crisis of our economic models, the distrust of institutions and individualism, activities such as this can give new hope. Hope arose, however, from concrete examples, from the experience of those who entered into play by embracing an innovative and inclusive business model that is based on the centrality of the person and the importance of relationships and giving gifts even in the economy. A hope that is born from the very experience of these days when all of us, by asking ourselves questions and sharing ideas, have thrown together a glimpse into the future.

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Taurinews, 04/10/2014 - Realizzati nel lavoro: Workshop School Edc al Polo Lionello Bonfanti



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