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The World Council of Churches sent a message for the Summer School

Dr. Samuel Kobia, Secretary General of the General Council of the Churches of Geneva, sent us this message

Message to the participants of the EOC Summer School 

a few excerpts

WCClogo_colour_ridTo the Seminar on Economy of Communion, Castelgandolfo, Rome, Italy

Dear friends, sisters and brothers in Christ,

The parable of the judgement of the nations in the Gospel of Mathews (25:31-46) makes it clear: What we have done to the least in the human family, we have done to Christ. Christ identifies with the poor and marginalized of this world. We find Christ among them. Social justice is a matter of faith and a Gospel imperative. Reading the recent papal encyclical Caritas in Veritate, I am grateful for the great consensus among major church traditions that we have to focus on the needs of the poor, the role of labour and the relationship with creation.

The Focolare seminar on the Economy of Communion is taking place at a time of economic turmoil and change. The world seems to be entering into a post-neoliberal economic era. The prevalent neo-liberal economic model that has been the dominant approach in recent decades has shown its failures. The current economic, ecological and food crises – that have wrought poverty, hunger, and displacement to millions of people – serve as an indictment of this system.

The Economy of Communion has always been an inspiration in the search for alternatives to the prevailing economic system. Though this alternative is practiced at the micro-level, it is one pathway towards God’s Oikos, God’s “household of life”, which is founded on love and sharing. The WCC commends the important role played by the Focolare community in advancing the Economy of Communion. At the same time, it is hoped that the movement will deepen the concept, clearly challenging the neo-liberal economic paradigm which is fundamentally based on the anti-values of competition and greed instead of the values of community and sharing.

....                                                                                                                             Geneva, 3 September 2009

Rev. Dr.Samuel Kobia
General Secretary
World Council of Churches




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