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Master in Economics and Health Management: Registration until 1 September 2011

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Swiss Italian organized:

Master of Advanced Studies in Economics and Heal Management: registration until 1 September 2011

Logo_Net-MegsThe seventh edition of the Master’s Degree in “Economics and Health Management,” organized by the University 
of Swiss Italian, begins this October (60 credits).

The Master, directed by Luca Crivelli and Stepehen Calciolari, is structured into modules organized over a period of 3-4 days and will have a total duration of two years. For 24 months it provides the opportunity to do a paid work experience (1500-1800 euros per month) in a health facility in the canton. Applications must be received by September 1st.

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Let us ask Luca Crivelli for some clarification:

Prof. Crivelli, what would you say to those who are interested on taking this Master?

First of all, the Master is designed as a parallel to their professional training which aims to ensure a complete and comprehensive specialized training, Luca_Crivelli_01_ridboth those coming from the world of work and the young graduates. On the same context, USI has created, with the local health care and social institutions, a network of partnership which promotes internships for young graduates admitted to the program. During the internship, the graduate, Swiss and foreign, comes into contact with the working reality. This allows the graduate to become familiar with the health and community sector and at the same time, to facilitate their inclusion in a specific professional context.

What characteristics will this paid internship have?

The internship is intended as paid professional activity on a fixed-term with a minimum mandatory of 1-year and maximum of 2. The internship can be carried out entirely at the same institution or divided in two professional experiences with the minimum duration of one year. Employment will be 80% of work time (of that percentage, 20% field training). It is also said that entry in the Master’s program is valid only if selected for an internship position.

Would you like to add anything else?

One might add that the Master’s program is matched with the Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and Management, directly from the undersigned that this year takes place on August 15 to 20 in Lugano. In addition to the courses, we offer an excellent program of plenary lecturess.

for information visit the website Summer School or download the brochure



Sprache: DEUTSCH

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