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The experience of live streaming!

People interested in the EoC throughout the world followed the live streaming of the Assembly and the concluding convention. Many were the positive echoes...and a few behind-the-scenes episodes.


The experience of live streaming!

By Antonella Ferrucci

It was a little bit of a challenge to think of how it would be possible for everyone to participate in the EoC Assembly and the final convention of the 20th anniversary meeting through live streaming. We didn't begin with the best conditions. Nothing similar had ever been done at Mariapolis Ginetta, and at the Latin American Memorial everything had to be built from the ground up, as there was no Internet access already available, but we got geared up and began to run trial connections.  

The evening before the beginning of the Assembly, an audio problem seemed that it would make the live streaming impossible. With Mariana Assis, the girl who is experienced in these technical matters, we asked for help "from on high". A little afterwards, with the help of another technical expert, this first hurdle was overcome, and on the morning of the 25th, the live streaming ran normally.

During the following days, there were many, many people accessing the stream from all over the world - over 500 per day!  Connections were recorded even from Ukraine, Russia and Jordan. The last day, from Sao Paulo, everything seemed to be going smoothly.  A broader and more powerful bandwidth was made available to support the increased number of accesses we were expecting, as many listening points had announced that they would be following online.

Unexpectedly, the live connection was cut, right in the middle of the morning's interventions. We quickly discovered that the problem was with the provider's antenna, but nobody knew if the connection could be reestablished. 

We were there in the back of the hall, in the dark, trying to understand what to do. While the whole world was watching us, we disappeared. A few text messages arrived from those watching, saying "we don't see you anymore...". We were alarmed at the beginning. But then, in that atmosphere of mutual trust, typical of true relationships, we calmed down and faced the situation. Mariana and her colleagues prepared two connections through 3G cell phones, one per language, Italian and Portuguese. I was impressed to see them working. Once a first connection was reestablished with the Internet, they downloaded the drivers necessary to install the second cell phone as a modem, and the two live connections were restored.  During the beginning of the afternoon, the faulty antenna was repaired and began working again as planned, but with even better quality than before. At the end of the day, there had been more than 2000 accesses to the live stream!

Many echoes arrived from around the world, and we want to share a few of them:

From the community in Sydney: "We're gathered here with great interest in following the live transmission. We want to thank you for the inspired presentations and experiences, but most of all for the call back to Chiara's prophetic inspiration. Together with you, with renewed trust in the great power of this revolutionary idea, we send you our best wishes."

From the community of Zagabria: "We followed the transmission, which filled us with a wave of hope. In all of our hearts is the desire to start again and continue to live and spread the culture of giving, so that that dream of the united world can become reality. Francois Neveux's experience was so moving, convincing and involving!  Thank you!"

From the small town of Loppiano: "Even today we were able to follow the live stream of this extraordinary and beautiful day that signals an important step in the EoC's journey. The interventions and experiences, fruit of Chiara's 'prophecy-promise', were touching and moving, as Prof. Zamagni said so well. We, too, feel that the love within us has been renewed, that the hope and certainty has been reinforced, and that the courage to decisively bring ahead this exceptional project of the Charism has been multiplied. We're even more conscious - with all of you - that humanity is waiting for it. It is an appointment with history that we don't want to miss! Thanks again!"



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